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Antonio Fatas & Ilian Mihov on Global Economy

"We are professors of economics at INSEAD. This blog is an opportunity to share our thoughts and research on the global economy with our students, alumni and anyone else who finds the content interesting. "

Antonio Fatas & Ilian Mihov
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Strategy & Organizations

"Great strategies will disappoint in mediocre organizations, and the best organizations will do no better without sensible strategies. This blog is dedicated to exploring the struggle to meld good strategies and good organizations."

Charles Galunic & Javier Gimeno
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The Rennaissance Innovator

"We are professors at INSEAD who research, teach and implement the renaissance innovation method. In our research, we have documented hundreds of successful Renaissance Innovations and have used the method to generate new business ideas, start new companies and revitalize existing companies."

Serguei Netessine & Karan Girotra
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Miklos on Media & Marketing

"I am a Professor at INSEAD, a global business school. Over the last 10 years I have worked on information and knowledge markets as well as new media."

Miklos Sarvary
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Networks & Innovation

"Build competitive advantage with social networks"

Andrew Shipilov
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Herminia's blog

"Living in a connected world"

Herminia Ibarra
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Organizational Musings

Henrich Greve
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